Biomechanical analysis/screening

Biomechanical analysis is important not only when treating an injury but also to reduce the chance of getting an injury or to improve function. Biomechanical analysis looks at how the whole body moves and the possible knock-on effect of incorrect movement. 

For example, an ankle injury can be caused by the incorrect movement of the knee, that in turn may be caused by a weak hip. Increasing the strength of the hip should improve the biomechanics of the knee and so improve the function of the ankle. Not only will this improve the original injury but it will also reduce the risk of injury in all three joints and help improve the function of the leg as a whole.

Not only can screening help you reduce injuries, it can also help improve performance. For example, the big toe can account for as much as 20% of the push-off load during walking, yet many of us do not fully utilize it.

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